Standards of Excellent Speaking

Today, we are assembled here to accelerate, I mean, to celebrate, the inflation, sorry, I mean the inauguration, of the first fully automobile, no, automated ham-and-cheese, no ambulance lane on this, our very own four-lame, four-LANE, highway to hell.

I wouldn’t trust this crowd if I were you. I’m not you, which is a shame, for you, because then you would be me and I am wonderful.

But that is beside the point.

If you want to practice standards of excellent speaking, try to avoid sentences like that one above. It was poorly written and the delivery was even worse.

I Love Radio….Caroline

Quest’estate ho fatto un tuffo nel mio passato. Sono tornato per un solo weekend su Radio Caroline,

la radio pirata che fu l’ispirazione per il film “I Love Radio Rock”. E’ passato tanto tempo ma la ‘gran dama’ della

radio inglese รจ rimasta sempre uguale !